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Empowering Lives Through Personalized Pain Management

Our promise to you is that we will make the pain more tolerable and improve your daily life. At Carolinas Pain Center our group of Pain Specialists in Charlotte and Huntersville serve patients dealing with all types of pain.

Our Approach

Each patient is unique and so is our approach to a treatment plan.  As a result, each patient receives an individualized and multidisciplinary treatment plan.  Often, we will discuss noninvasive options, dietary modifications, supplements and regenerative treatments alongside traditional medical options.  We have three conveniently located offices in Huntersville, NC, Denver, NC and Charlotte, NC. You can read below for more information about some of the most common types of pain that we treat.

Pain Services

At Carolinas Pain Center, our board-certified pain management doctors are fellowship trained to treat pain in any body area.  Some of the more common pain management types are listed below.  If you need help with pain in other body parts, schedule an appointment with us and have our highly trained team guide you to pain relief and a semblance of normal living.

Pain Specialists in North Carolina

Proudly serving Charlotte, NC, Denver, NC and Huntersville, NC