Hip Pain- Common causes, why and what to do 

Hip Pain- Common causes, why and what to do 

  • Hip Pain Causes

Hip Pain- Common causes, why and what to do?

The hip joint is a very strong ball and socket type of joint. It is highly mobile and frictionless due to the cartilage and fluid present in the cavity of the joint. Although it is very tough and durable, it can also be damaged due to wear and tear over time. Moreover, hip pain can also be caused by an injury to the hip joint that may be an accident or trauma to the hips. 

Shoulder Pain from Rotator Cuff Tear

  • Rotator Cuff Tear

Shoulder Pain from Rotator Cuff Tear  

Rotator cuff tear injuries are common in middle aged individuals.  The prevalence of such injuries can be as high as 34% in the adult population.  That is to say, the cause of a rotator cuff tear is likely multifactorial, with degeneration, impingement, and overload may all contribute in varying degrees to the development of rotator cuff tears.

Causes of Severe Low Back Pain

  • Severe low back pain

Causes of Severe Low Back Pain

Back pain is an uncomfortable and debilitating condition. It is one of the common causes of people’s absence from duties. Severe low back pain can be caused by physical injuries, strenuous physical activities, and some serious medical conditions. 

Dull Pain? Less Serious Causes of Back Pain

  • Dull back pain

Dull Pain? Less Serious Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition that leads to a reduction in your capacity to do work. The severity of the back pain varies according to the seriousness of its underlying cause. Learn more about dull pain in your back. 

Herbal Remedies For Pain Relief 

  • Herbal remedies for pain

Herbal Remedies for Pain Relief

Are you looking for natural pain relief? Then you must consider herbal medicines and herbal remedies for pain prevention.  

 It is no secret that all of us experience some kind of pain in our lives and try to get rid of painful conditions. Due to the various side effect, when you suffer from chronic diseases such as cancer or arthritis you may not want to use painkiller medicines so frequently.   

 However, at this stage, you should try herbal remedies for pain relief that have offered proven results over thousands of years.  

Listed below are some of the best herbal remedies for pain relief but first we will see whether or not they can help you.  

Use Heat and Ice for Back Pain

  • Back pain releif

Heat & Cold

Help Temporarily Relieve Back Pain

There is some evidence that heat will help decrease back pain. There is little proof that cold will help. But some people do find that heat or cold help them. Follow these suggestions if you would like to try heat or cold for back pain.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Pain

  • Lumbar Spinal Senosis

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Pain

Your spinal cord is a combination of nerves passing down through a tunnel formed by your vertebrae. The tunnel is called the spinal canal. The narrowing of this spinal canal in the lower part of your back is called lumbar spinal stenosis. It can cause pressure on your spinal cord or can compress the nerves that go from your spinal cord to other parts of the body, such as muscles. These are the ways lumbar spinal stenosis pain develops.    

Treatments for Back Pain

  • Back Pain Treatment Options

Back Pain Treatment Options

Back pain usually goes away with rest and home remedies. However, medications may be needed if it persists for a long time.  

Read more about available treatments and if you are looking for non-surgical options or options that don’t include opioids Carolinas Pain Center is the best place to receive the wide array of treatments available. Our back pain specialists will ensure you receive the most effective options for your current diagnosis after reviewing your MRI findings and any other imaging you can provide.

Your Back Pain is Our Specialty

  • Pain Management for Spine

Causes of Back Pain

What do stress, aging, and poor sleep have in common?

Well, they all try to bring on back pain and decreased quality of life. Back pain is debilitating in most cases, and it can limit your mobility and prevent you from maintaining a productive and active lifestyle. There are many causes of back pain. Nowadays, back pain has reached epidemic proportions. This is attributed to a busy schedule and decreased time for exercise and relaxation. Things get worse when you consult for treatment. Upon consultation, what do you get for it’s treatment? Opioids! Right? This is how chronic back pain has been both misunderstood and managed.  Carolinas Pain Center has a group of providers who are back pain specialists in Charlotte, NC and may offer other options.   

Multiple Sclerosis Pain

  • Multiple Sclerosis Pain

Multiple Sclerosis and Pain

Multiple sclerosis (MS) damages nerve fibers in the central nervous system (CNS). Over time, it leads to various problems and pain such as muscle weakness, loss of balance, numbness, and vision problems. Several medications have been found to slow the disease’s progression and can limit nerve damage.