Abdominal Pain

Chronic Abdominal Pain

Certainly, if you suffer with chronic abdominal pain, you know how debilitating it can be. You have experienced first-hand the effects on even the simplest tasks of your daily life. A decrease or loss in productivity, difficulty sleeping, feelings of exhaustion and even embarrassment can lead to helplessness, hopelessness, and even depression.

There are almost as many causes of chronic abdominal pain as there are patients who suffer from it. It is important to be evaluated to determine whether the cause of the pain can be corrected medically. But for the patients with no correctable cause for their pain, the lack of diagnosis or path to healing can be just another layer of frustration and anxiety.

Most importantly, learning to control your chronic abdominal pain is the first step in recovering a sense of control in your life. The Carolinas Pain Center employs a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to addressing your chronic pain, empowering you to control your pain – not the other way around.

Common Causes of Chronic Abdominal Pain


Chronic Pancreatitis

Further, the pancreas is a gland behind the stomach which releases insulin and other enzymes to aid in digestion. Chronic pancreatitis has been linked to long-term inflammation of the pancreas. Patients may first experience acute pancreatitis, but not always. Chronic pancreatitis can flare up periodically and the patient may experience pain-free periods in between; Some patients experience continuous pain with diarrhea and weight loss.

Carolinas Pain Center is staffed with trained experts knowledgeable in a variety of therapies to help patients cope with chronic pancreatitis.

Surgical Scar Pain

Additionally, it is not uncommon for patients who have undergone abdominal surgery to complain of surgical scar pain (scar neuroma pain). This type of pain can occur when nerves in the abdomen are cut during surgery. The ends of the nerves then grow and form a neuroma. This neuroma can be excruciatingly painful, especially along places where clothing is snug. Carolinas Pain Center considers many options for treatment of surgical scar pain.  Through discussion with each individual patient, determines a course of treatment that will bring the pain under control.