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Each patient receives an individualized, multidisciplinary approach to care and a personal treatment plan. See below to read more about our philosophy and what sets Carolinas Pain Center apart from any other pain specialists near Charlotte, NC or Huntersville, NC.


At CPC, our pain specialists encourage patients to be in charge of their healthcare. Success in good health comes from a thriving partnership between patients and our doctors and staff. We encourage patients to be knowledgeable about their health and be responsible about the decisions involved in their health care.

Over the duration, the CPC team has treated patients with diverse and complex painful conditions with some of the most innovative approaches in medicine. As a result, patients who once had few options, are now offered advanced medical treatment that can only be sought for in some of the most selective medical facilities in the nation.

Our team at CPC is encouraged to think critically, excel at their responsibilities, create higher expectations for themselves and motivate others in the process. We look forward to serving your needs!


While our team of pain specialist doctors, medical assistants and office staff works with our patients and their families, we seek to empower our patients to participate in shaping a better world for themselves and others. We believe that empowerment is a combined effort from:

  • Understanding experiences

  • Developing critical perspectives on each issue

  • Planning a methodical approach to take action

We encourage patients to reinforce their strengths and form a process-based goal to improve their health. We want our patients to be aware of their opportunities to improve and become excited about the therapies we can offer to accomplish these goals.


The core of CPC’s philosophies rests in our efforts to provide patients the tools to navigate through their worlds where things have been disturbed and resources may not be equitable. At CPC, we don’t stop and good intentions or simply providing resources, but we go the extra mile to teach our patients about their medical conditions and their potential prognosis. Intellectual honesty and realism are core to our philosophy and we pride ourselves for it. This recognition is not effortless, always comfortable, or optional- it is necessary for good healthcare.

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