Degenerative Meniscus Tear


Degenerative meniscus tear is a rupture in one or more of the cartilage in the knee, as the meniscus ages over time. 

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Information about Degenerative Meniscus Tear

To clarify, degenerative tear of the meniscus is a more gradual onset and tends to occur as we get older. These are very common and are often found in people with no symptoms. A tear that has developed gradually in the meniscus. Considered a feature of knee osteoarthritis. Additionally, a typically people dealing with this issue may be Middle to older aged individuals, experiencing non-traumatic, progressive onset of pain. Moreover the pain is commonly medial and activity-related (e.g. pivoting).

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What should you do for a degenerating meniscus?

Most older patients with degenerative meniscus tears have options for pain relief. You may also experience swelling and decreased range of motion. Addressing these symptoms will improve function and can happen without surgery. Carolinas Pain Center recommends rest, activity modification, medications, injections and/or physical therapy as the initial treatment(s).

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In conclusion, Carolinas Pain Center have providers and pain specialists in Charlotte, NC and Huntersville, NC who can help relieve your meniscus tear pain.  Early detection of a degenerating meniscus is important to slow down the negative effects that will effect your entire knee joint.

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