Knee Pain Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Knee pain, whether from trauma, injury, overuse, or other conditions, can be debilitating, cause you to avoid physical activities, and limit your ability to carry out daily tasks. Proper knee pain treatment can make all the difference by expediting your recovery and preventing future injury. Carolinas Pain Center is proud to offer knee pain treatment services in Huntersville, Charlotte, Denver, and the surrounding areas.

Common causes of knee pain

Joint and knee pain can develop as you age. Chronic diseases like arthritis are common causes, and trauma or overuse at any age can lead to both acute and chronic pain.

Here are some of the other causes of knee pain:

Knee Injury
What medical conditions cause knee pain

What medical conditions cause knee pain?

Many causes of knee pain are not related to trauma. Some common medical conditions that cause pain include:

How can knee pain be treated?

If you have knee pain in Charlotte, Denver or Huntersville, NC, you should seek treatment if the pain does not improve with rest, stretching, and over-the-counter medication.

Carolinas Pain Center offers several options for knee pain treatment.  Among many options, the board certified and fellowship trained specialists can guide you to determine which of the below are your best options.

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If you are suffering from knee pain or leg pain, there are plenty of resources and treatment options to help. 

At the Carolinas Pain Center, our board-certified anesthesiology and pain doctors, are passionate about providing their patients with lasting relief from knee pain. Our knee joint pain treatment options educate and empower patients to choose the plan that will best suit their specific case. 

Carolinas Pain Center offers the kind of multidisciplinary, individualized approach necessary for back pain and sciatica pain treatment. If you are suffering from knee joint pain that will not go away with at-home treatment, make an appointment today to start on the path to pain relief.