“I wanted to let anyone whom is reading this know just how incredible of a pain specialist Dr. Shah is, even all around physician for that matter. 

I have seen literally hundreds of physicians for my chronic pain, for the last 3 decades in regards to atypical facial pain in my upper teeth, injury to infra-orbital nerves bilateral from sinus surgeries, and residual body pain from a toxic reaction to Remicade to treat Crohn’s Disease, meeting physicians in all specialties with many various skill sets and levels in an effort to help me with my chronic pain. 

Previous to seeing Dr. Shah, I had been seeing a pain specialist for approximately 14 years in New Hampshire. I fairly recently moved down to North Carolina, so I had to find a new specialist to continue managing my chronic pain care which I was very nervous due to not knowing any particular physicians in this area. I have been seeing Dr. Shah now for approximately 10 months and he has consistently impressed me with his knowledge and compassion to my specific pain care needs.

After seeing literally hundreds of physicians from all specialties including many pain care specialists throughout my approximately 3 decades of dealing with chronic pain, I developed fairly good insight into each physician I encounter in terms of their level of knowledge, compassion, and willingness to help with my individualistic pain care needs, and Dr. Shah is definitely one of the best physicians I have met so far and feel extremely lucky to have found him. Dr. Shah has impressed upon me that he doesn’t just give you medicine or treatment without making sure the treatment plan he follows is the best solution for your individual needs to acquire the best quality of life you can possible obtain. Over these several months, Dr. Shah and myself have developed a two way trust with one another that is very critical with my comfort zone among any physician that treats me, especially in terms of my chronic pain care which dictates my quality of life.

So, if you have chronic pain, or even acute pain, Dr. Shah is an extremely well trained and compassionate physician in pain management care whom I highly recommend. Plus, his staff, clinical and office, is very trained and compassionate was well.”  William M. Mangan