Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain

  • Pelvic Pain

Pain in the lower abdomen and groin areas can be incapacitating. While this pain can often have a surgical solution, it is not uncommon for the pain to persist even after surgery. It can affect such simple tasks as walking or sitting, making exercise or recreation almost impossible. In some cases, even sexual activity may become affected. The goal of treatment for this kind of pain at Carolinas Pain Center is to determine the cause, whether due to injury, infection, inflammation or nerve trauma, and then to apply a specialized, multidisciplinary approach to pain management that will have you leading a normal life as quickly as possible.

Common Causes of Pelvic Pain

Inguinal Neuralgia

One of the most common causes of pelvic pain is inguinal neuralgia. The ilioinguinal nerve becomes compressed and causes knife-like pain in the lower abdominal region, and may radiate to the scrotum or labia. Lack of sensation in these areas is also reported. The compression of this nerve may be the result of several different conditions. Hernias and post-surgical scarring can both contribute to compression of the nerve. Carolinas Pain Center specializes in the treatment of this complex pain.

Groin pain (male/female)

Males and females alike can suffer from groin pain. Causes include trauma, inflammation, and anatomical variations. The pain ranges from a dull, persistent pain to sharp, excruciating and debilitating pain. The pain may be specific to one spot or can be spread throughout the entire groin region. Some of the pain is tolerated, allowing the patient to continue with daily activities, but acute pain can interfere with simple tasks, job function, social and exercise activities, and sexual function. Carolinas Pain Center will work with patients to outline a course of reasonable treatment to manage the groin pain and return them to normal function as quickly as possible.

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  1. My name is Keisha Culbreath and I’m in search of pain management treatment that accepts Absolute Total Care, my pain is in the inguinal area I just had two hernias removed

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