Stem Cell Therapy

Pain has been one of the most disabling aftereffects of aging. Every year, millions of people all over the world seek knee, hip, shoulder, or back pain treatment. Likewise, surgical procedures have been on the rise as total knee and hip replacements rank as the most sought after orthopedic procedures. However, is surgery really the best solution we need?

Time and time again, surgery has proven not to always get rid of the pain. One might have tried everything by seeking doctors to help with the solution, but had no real improvement. In the long run, getting no solid progress can be quite stressful for you and your family. It is, therefore, important to find a better and trustworthy approach that guides one through the entire journey.


Relieving Shoulder Pain Using Stem Cell Therapy

Anyone who has had a torn shoulder ligament or any other condition that causes shoulder pain knows the true definition of restlessness in life.

Most of the people who have had shoulder pains look for ways of surviving with it because they presume that the only existing solution to shoulder pains is the risky invasive shoulder surgery or other unproven shoulder pain treatment procedures. They are yet to know that stem cell therapy for shoulder pain is the most ideal solution in recent times.

Stem Cell Therapy is the “Doctor-fix-it” for knee injuries, shoulder pains, and other degenerative joint diseases, and is available right here at the Carolinas Pain Center (CPC) in the United States.

Why you should Choose Stem Cell Therapy over Shoulder Repair Surgery

Are you suffering from any shoulder pain ranging from rotator cuff damage, osteoarthritis, and muscle or tendon tears, among other shoulder injuries? We have the most current technology in regenerative medicine procedures, which includes stem cell injections, which are the most effective treatment for shoulder pains. Our regenerative medicine procedures are the solutions to your shoulder mobility without the necessity of having to undergo invasive surgery, which is often accompanied by months of physical therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy is the most advanced procedure in the modern world of medicine. It is the best shoulder replacement alternative. The procedure works by deriving stem cells from a patient’s bone marrow aspirate. The derivation of these cells is key since the cells form the basis of the body’s healing. This way, stem cell injections utilize the body’s own innate healing ability to repair shoulder pains or injuries.

Our patients receive significant pain relief and typically regain movement within incredibly less time, compared to those who undergo surgery. While the majority gets introduced to this new shoulder pain treatment procedure, many renowned sports personalities have approved stem cell therapy since for a while now they have depended on it for the healing of their pain and injuries. Racing legend A.J. Foyt, football back-pitch player Chris Johnson, and star athlete Bartolo Colon among others, have pledged their allegiance to stem cell therapy for the healing of their shoulders, knee, back, and other painful injuries.

How Does Cell Stem Therapy Restore Function While Minimizing Pain?

To effectively address shoulder and joint pain, the CPC Stem Cell uses an advanced method of stem cell therapy. In North Carolina, stem cell therapy for the shoulder is based on the outpatient criteria and is carried out in just a matter of a few hours.

Harvesting stem cells from bone marrow aspirate is the genesis of the shoulder pain treatment process. The process is simple, transparent, and harmless since for our shoulder treatment we use your stem cells and platelets. The best bit of our shoulder pain treatment is that there is no need for general anesthesia as is the case with most invasive surgeries. In our case, only local anesthesia is needed at the site where the sample is harvested.

In case we intend to extract bone marrow cells in abundance, then all we need is a small sample, and in some cases, the stem cell procedure may require platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as part of the therapy.

No matter the external therapy, the beginning of all body healing is anchored in the stem cells. The reason being, the stem cells are capable of transforming into any type of cell needed to repair the damage caused by either disease or injury. As for a shoulder injury, the stem cells work to regenerate bone and muscle. As the healing process advances, the shoulder pain gradually decreases while at the same time mobility is restored.


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