Carolinas Pain Center would not be here without our patients. Our pain specialists, providers and all support staff work tirelessly to ensure patients have a pleasant experience. Our team has helped thousands of patients over the last ten years and look forward to helping thousands more.

Manda Moments
Manda Moments
I have been in the worst pain ever after having surgery. The team got me in fast and treated me as a person and not just another copay. They were fast to come up with a game plan and we’re very honest about outcome possibilities. I couldn’t have asked for a better visit or care team.
Tracy Wallace
Tracy Wallace
Carolina pain center in Huntersville and Denver have been completely amazing with me an working with all my ailments! Natalie in Huntersville, Todd and Dr. Shah in Denver ARE THE BEST!!!
Jim Bob
Jim Bob
pure grifters
“I wanted to let anyone whom is reading this know just how incredible of a pain specialist Dr. Shah is, even all around physician for that matter. 

I have seen literally hundreds of physicians for my chronic pain, for the last 3 decades in regards to atypical facial pain in my upper teeth, injury to infra-orbital nerves bilateral from sinus surgeries, and residual body pain from a toxic reaction to Remicade to treat Crohn’s Disease, meeting physicians in all specialties with many various skill sets and levels in an effort to help me with my chronic pain. 

Previous to seeing Dr. Shah, I had been seeing a pain specialist for approximately 14 years in New Hampshire. I fairly recently moved down to North Carolina, so I had to find a new specialist to continue managing my chronic pain care which I was very nervous due to not knowing any particular physicians in this area. I have been seeing Dr. Shah now for approximately 10 months and he has consistently impressed me with his knowledge and compassion to my specific pain care needs.

After seeing literally hundreds of physicians from all specialties including many pain care specialists throughout my approximately 3 decades of dealing with chronic pain, I developed fairly good insight into each physician I encounter in terms of their level of knowledge, compassion, and willingness to help with my individualistic pain care needs, and Dr. Shah is definitely one of the best physicians I have met so far and feel extremely lucky to have found him. Dr. Shah has impressed upon me that he doesn’t just give you medicine or treatment without making sure the treatment plan he follows is the best solution for your individual needs to acquire the best quality of life you can possible obtain. Over these several months, Dr. Shah and myself have developed a two way trust with one another that is very critical with my comfort zone among any physician that treats me, especially in terms of my chronic pain care which dictates my quality of life.

So, if you have chronic pain, or even acute pain, Dr. Shah is an extremely well trained and compassionate physician in pain management care whom I highly recommend. Plus, his staff, clinical and office, is very trained and compassionate was well.”  William M. 

“Dr. Wroblewska, I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the amazing treatment that I received from you and your staff. I have been suffering with this pretty intense back pain for many years. I have been to several types of doctors with it. My new family Dr. referred me to you. I am so happy about that and I will be sure to tell him. This is the first time that I have had relief from this pain. I was starting to give up and think I was going to just have to live with it. So, I am thrilled that he sent me to you.

You made me feel completely comfortable from our first meeting. You were honest and compassionate. I know that in my situation that I won’t ever be entirely pain free, but the relief that your treatment gave me is even more than I expected. Your team of staff members and nurses were always kind and considerate. The nurses at Presbyterian hospital made me feel right at home. I didn’t feel like I was even in for a procedure. We had fun. Next time someone tells me about pain issues, I will know where to send them. I wish there were more doctors out there like you. Thank you again… you will be seeing me.” Loraine M.

“It’s been nearly seven years since my motorcycle accident. Since that accident there have been four surgeries (including spinal implants), eighteen spinal injections and more opiate prescriptions than I care to remember. Most important is the fact that I’ve been treated by five different pain physicians, with Dr. Shah being the fifth (and final).

I came to North Carolina 16 months ago and immediately I needed to locate a physician before my prescription for morphine ran out. For over six years morphine has been a priority for me. I started out on 200 mg’s a day and never went below 120 mg’s a day.

Without any intention of discrediting my prior physicians, only Dr. Shah addressed my most serious problem. Morphine addiction; there is no question about the fact that I still have pain. I will always have pain, but Dr. Shah decided to “treat the patient first”. Morphine, and like opiates, do much more than mask-the-pain, they cause patients to develop serious bouts of depression and other emotional problems. When your first priority is medication, everything else is second, everything.

It took Dr. Shah and I approximately 5 months to wean me from 120mg’s a day to Zero. Now it was time to treat my true level of pain. I was now at a level that could be managed with non-opiate pain relievers and NSAIDs.
As I mentioned in the beginning, I’ve had at least 18 spinal injections. Two of those were extremely painful. Excluding the last 3 injections, all of them were uncomfortable to say the least. Five physicians have injected me, and I can honestly say that Dr. Shah is absolutely the best at administering spinal injections. By the best, I mean minimal level of discomfort. The thought of having to have a needle injected in our spines raises a certain level of fear and hesitation in all of us. However, for me, those fears are no longer a concern. When and if, the time comes for me to receive another series of injections, over stressing will not be an issue.

Dr. Shah, I thank you so very much for looking deeper and treating me, not just my complaint.” Michael P.

“Those who know me know that I have had back trouble for about 30 years.

I have a blood disorder called Ankylosing Spondylitis. My spine is fusing and at times can be very painful. I have tried various treatments. One that worked was called Remicaid. $2,500 a month with insurance. My family physician referral me to Carolinas Pain Center. I have been very impressed with how I have been taken care of. From the staff out front to nurses and my pain specialist, Dr. Joanna Wroblewska. Very caring with a genuine interest in how to manage your pain. Dr. Joanna is very personable. It’s people like this that gives the medical profession a great name! Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Thanks Team, you’re the best.” Steve S.

“Dr. Shah became one of my doctors in the early part of 2010. During that period, I feel that I have not only been lucky, but blessed to have him as my doctor.

He is the type of doctor you always want to care for you. His professional demeanor coupled with his knowledge and desire to see his patients well again, is his goal for you. Dr. Shah cares about listening to his patients, so you both fully understand your problems and the course of treatment which is best for you, the patient.

It is often difficult for a new patient to have the confidence, trust and the peace of mind feeling that you have made the right decision in choosing Dr. Shah. Please put your mind to rest. He is leaving the practice where I first met him and it makes me feel that I have lost one of the most caring and good doctors I have had the fortune to call MY DOCTOR. My loss is tempered by the knowledge that you have found a good doctor who will spend the needed time with you, and for you to help you be the healthiest you can be.

I want to take this time to thank Dr. Shah for all his time spent listening to me, caring for me and being the doctor I needed at this point in my life. Thank you again, Dr. Shah, and I wish you well in your practice.” James C.B.

“It’s very easy to immediately connect with Dr. Shah.

His personality exudes genuine care for his patients and the time he takes to listen and genuinely communicate with his patients is unmatched. He is supportive and encouraging and he has afforded us an active role in my care and treatment plan(s). His “bedside” manner is positive, calm, and assuring. These attributes along with his knowledge and experience make for a trusting patient-physician relationship.

Dr. Shah has a rare combination of compassion, care, and vast knowledge and skills that sets the bar very high for other physicians.” Kathleen M.

“I have been under Dr. Shahs care for a little over a month. I have been suffering with severe leg pain for years, have had a lumbar laminectomy performed in 2008, and been taking pain medication, on and off, for many years. My General Practitioner referred me to Dr. Shah. From our first meeting it was obvious that Dr. Shah cared about me. He took the time to fully understand my medical history and with each piece of the puzzle, methodically began a treatment regime that, to date, has been spot on.

After an MRI Dr. Shah spent a lot of time explaining what he saw including walking me through a series of pictures that initially looked like an abstract modern work of art to the point that I fully understood what I was looking at. Dr. Shah performed an epidural steroid injection and I immediately felt a reduction in my pain levels. After two and a half days, I was pain free for the first time in recent memory. During the injection, Dr. Shah explained each step and prepared me for any possible procedure induced pain from the multiple injections he was performing. The discomfort was minimal and after the 10 minute procedure, Dr. Shah showed me x-rays of what he had just done to my spine.

Throughout, Dr. Shah’s competency, compassion and bedside manner have been thoroughly professional and thorough. I highly recommend Dr. Shah and am confident that I am able to look forward and will have a professional that cares for me and about me for the long term. I feel better than I have felt in more years than I care to think about.

I would also like to thank his office staff, a group that reflect the same professionalism as Dr. Shah and have made me feel special from day one of this long journey.” Michael A.

“I just wanted to thank you for being so caring and going well beyond what is expected of you.

Now I only wish you were a family practice so we could come to you for all medical needs. You are truly an asset and bring great things to your profession. I will certainly highly recommend you to any family member and friend who may require your expertise.” Brendan S.

“Thank you for taking excellent care of me!

It’s a tremendous feeling to be able to use my right arm again with no pain, tingling or numbness! After seeing numerous neurosurgeons, orthopedists, anesthesiologists, massage therapists and chiropractors over the years this is the first time that I’ve felt “almost’ normal and for that I express my sincerest gratitude. I know it’s not a permanent fix, but for now I can play with my kids and pretend that my body isn’t falling apart!” Brandy L.

“I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. You have aggressively approached my situation and I am very impressed with your ability to listen to the situation and make a decision based on individual situations. You look at all angles. You treat people like people. I am in pain and it is difficult enough without being treated like someone standing on the street corner doing something shady. I understand people are out there for the wrong reasons but it might be easy to put everyone into one category but you don’t and for that I am thankful. It is so difficult to convey pain especially when it is constant and nothing ever makes it go away. When you can provide some relief, words cannot express my gratitude for what you have done for me.

Your building is very nicely kept and very impressive. When you enter your desk person is always smiling and very friendly and willing to help. I have never had any Dr.’s assistant call the insurance company and see what is going on with my bill. Yours did! I wish I could remember all the names of the people on your staff but I cannot. Check-in is speedy and efficient. I have never had to wait an extreme amount of time. I have had to wait over 2 hours at other Dr’s office’s and never close to that amount with you. I am very impressed that you can spend all that quality time with your patients and be very close to right on schedule. This is a great compliment to you and your staff to run such an efficient and effective office.

When you are called back the person taking the BP, pulse and O2 sats is very professional. The treatment room is always clean and neat. It is also that way for procedure room. Being in the healthcare field, I wish the screen was in front so I could watch the procedure but I understand why it is not. I know most people would not want to but I am just like that (LOL).

I really and truly hope that no one is ever in a situation of constant pain but if they are I hope they find out about you. You have helped me more in the first few months with procedures and medication changes than anyone in the past 8 years (since my last surgery in 2003.) I have been at a pain clinic since mid 2003. I am glad my regular doctor recommended you and Carolina’s Pain center. If anyone ever has a need for a pain clinic I will be the first one to suggest Carolina’s Pain Center.” Chris Y.