Weight Loss and Improvements in Mental Health


People today are busy with work, kids, and the normal activities of daily living. Many people do not make time for physical activities and weight loss. We eat on the run, and find little time for themselves due to the demands of life.

America is a country with over 70 million people considered to be obese. This means that 39.6% of our population is at risk for many health issues due to being overweight. Weight loss ads are all over the television as well as on the internet and social media.

Obesity Effects vs Weight Loss

Keeping these statistics in mind, we need to realize the importance of weight loss and understand all the benefits that come with losing extra pounds. Losing weight provides many advantages. People who lose weight will typically see lower blood pressures, lower blood sugars, increased physical activity, and improvements in pain as well. People with chronic back and joint pain note that their pain levels improve due to less stress on their body from the loss of excess weight.

Weight Loss


Get Results

People see a big improvements in their mental health. Studies show that losing weight leads to higher self esteem levels, more positive body image and feelings of contentment. After losing even 5-10% of body weight people report less depression, improved relationships, longer sleep duration and lower anxiety levels. Overall, weight loss has shown that people have an improved perception in their quality of life and more self confidence.

The journey may be tough and hard but the benefits and rewards in a person’s overall health are worth the time and effort. Today there are apps like My Fitness Pal or Lose It to help with this effort to keep track of food intake and exercise. This will help keep people accountable as they make the scales drop.

Set a goal and make a change. Help yourself become a healthier version of you!






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